Summertime is coming! It is time to make sure your lawn is in tip-top shape, so you can enjoy it this summer. Whether it is scheduling regular mowing or figuring out which grass is best for your lawn, there are many ways to get ready for the summer.

When finding the best grass for you, there are many factors to consider. Determining where you are located will help you find the kind of grass perfect for your yard. The first step in finding the best grass for you is temperature. So, whether you are located in the North or the South, we will help you narrow down the perfect kind of grass to look into getting for your lawn. This will make sure you are able to throw the best backyard picnic of the summer!

Types of Grass

North: Kentucky Bluegrass

This grass is perfect for cool seasons and does best in moderate temperatures. It is excellent for tough winters and can repair itself. This type of grass enjoys the sunlight and is perfect for open land with minimal shaded areas.

North: Perennial Ryegrass

This is a popular choice if you want to mix grass. It is tough enough to keep up in the winter and can tolerate heat as well. It can be grown on its own or with other grasses. It can be compared to grass for livestock and turf.

North: Fine Rescue

This fine grass loves being in the shade which makes it perfect for yards that are surrounded by trees. It may not be able to stand a bunch of foot traffic, but it will work great for areas of the yards that cannot grow other types of grass.

North/Transition: Tall Rescue

This type of grass withstands heat well, so it will work in super hot regions! Because of its deep roots, tall rescue can also survive long droughts. Therefore, it is great for areas that do not receive a lot of rain and are in transition areas. Transition areas are when the land experiences hot summers and freezing winters.

Transition: Zoysia Grass

This transition grass prefers lots and lots of sunlight. Zoysia grass is often used on golf courses because of its thickness. Golf courses also receive lots of sunlight which makes it the perfect environment for the grass to grow.

Transition: Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is a great transition grass! It can withstand hot temperatures up to 80 and 90 degrees. On the other hand, it can also withstand freezing winter temperatures. It is common in the South and in California.

South: St. Augustine Grass

Even further down south in Texas and Florida, you will want grass that is able to tolerate severe heat and potential droughts. The wide-bladed grass is tough and can even be grown in some soils with sand which makes it perfect for Florida!

South: Centipede Grass

If you are looking for a low-maintenance option, you’ve found it! Centipede grass is grown commonly in the Carolinas, Louisiana, and Mississippi because it can grow in acidic soils. The blades of grass are short and can hold their own against various pests that could be lurking in the grass.

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