Fall is a popular season and many people’s favorite, whether it’s because of the colors, weather, or holidays that come with it. As fun as it may be to watch your lawn turn shades of yellow, red, and orange with fallen leaves, it’s not as fun for your grass. This time of year is important for your lawn and you should continue to care for it through the weather change. There are many ways you can ensure that your grass and landscaping stay healthy through the cooler months, with some being more obvious than others. Eagle Lawns has provided some of the best lawn care for residents in and around the Auburn, Alabama area. Read on to learn some tips for taking care of your lawn during the fall season.

Don’t Stop Mowing

Just because it gets colder outside doesn’t mean that your grass will completely stop growing. To prepare your lawn correctly for spring, it’s important that you continue mowing when it’s needed. If you live somewhere that experiences snow, ensure you have taken all the right steps with your lawn care before a layer of frost covers the grass. Fall is the prime time to mow. Unlike the warmer, summer seasons, from September to November you should lower the height of your mower to about 3 inches tall. Having shorter grass during this season could decrease the chances of leaves clumping up and discourage weeds from sprouting.

Keep Tabs on Water Levels

Weather can be unpredictable depending on where you’re located, so keeping track of the amount of water your yard receives is crucial. If you find yourself struggling to find this out, it may be useful to invest in a rain gauge. During the cooler months, your lawn should be absorbing at least an inch of water per week. If the dry weather from summer rolls into fall, you should water your grass more frequently until the temperature finally drops. Getting the soil moist up to several inches deep can make a big impact on the way your grass grows once winter comes around. The moisture will prevent the soil from freezing too much during the more extreme winter temperatures. Watering in the morning is the best time of day because it’s less likely to evaporate right away.


This is a key step when it comes to taking good care of your lawn, especially if you live in the North. Fall is the best time to focus on fertilizing your grass and preventing weed growth. Some cool-weather grasses like bluegrass, burweed, fescue, and ryegrass will grow extremely well in response to being fertilized around this time. It’s recommended to start this process in September and fertilize again in late October or early November. Your grass will be provided with the required nutrients and have an easier time growing despite the weather. Try not to over-fertilize, though, because it may cause thatch which, in turn, causes insect problems and even disease. It’s located close to the surface of your soil, so if you find that there is more than an inch of thatch, it could be a concern. If you need to get rid of some weeds, consider using a weed killer to target specific areas rather than your entire lawn.

Clean Up and Repair

Summer often brings dry weather and can put a great amount of heat stress on your yard. If you find that your yard has dead patches of grass here and there, the fall season is the perfect time to replant. Once you put new seeds down, the cooler months will give your lawn a break from the dryness and heat, giving seeds time to settle. Another way to maintain your lawn care is by setting out sod wherever necessary. Make sure that you’re using high-quality sod that’s thick and doesn’t have any weeds. If the weather becomes too dry at any point, water these layers of sod daily for them to reach their full potential. Additionally, work on raking away leaves so they don’t take over your grass and form a layer. Leaves can create shade over the grass and prevent sunlight from reaching or moisture from settling.

How We Can Help

Eagle Lawns is made up of talented and hard-working individuals who know exactly how to help you maintain your yard. Not everyone has the time and resources they need to prepare their grass for spring, that’s why we are here to help. Our landscaping and mowing company has transformed lawns for years, providing all customers with a positive experience and leaving a lasting impression. Contact us today to learn more about our services and discover how we can help your lawn thrive.

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