6 Best Perennials

When it comes to your lawn, cold weather does not always mean withering plants. Winter gardens can bring joy to a cold and dormant yard. There are so many different winter flowers that can bring your yard to life this winter. Perennials are great to plant in your garden during the winter. They are typically able to withstand cold weather and will return again in the spring for a year-round benefit. Here are some of our favorite perennials to plant for the winter that will keep your lawn looking healthy and vivid.

1. Camellias

Camellias are a personal favorite as they are the Alabama state flower. These gorgeous pink flowers are the perfect addition to your winter garden as they bloom in the winter times. Camellias are perennial evergreens, meaning they maintain their green bush year-round and come back to bloom each year. Camellias can live long lives with some surpassing 100 years old. Camellias are elegant and timeless, not to mention they add a touch of state pride.

2. Scarlet Sage

Obtaining its name from its blood-red petals, Scarlet Sage is a vibrant red herbaceous perennial. This flower is perfect for your winter garden and its red color fits well with the Christmas season. Scarlet Sage derives from the mint family and possesses medicinal qualities that aid in cold, flu, and digestive issues. These flowers are handy to have in the garden and will take your breath away with every bloom.

3. White Trout Lily

White Trout Lilies are herbaceous perennials like Scarlet Sage and native to Alabama, perfect for planting in the Alabama climate. These lilies get their name from the two leaves surrounding the flower that show a keen resemblance to trout. Like trout, their leaves are green towards the top and transition to a brownish purple at the bottom. The flower itself is white with bright yellow stamen protruding from the center of the lily. Their heart-shaped petals are a gentle touch to any landscape.

4. Yellow Butterwort

The best way to add a pop of bright color to your winter garden is to plant Yellow Butterwort. Yellow Butterwort has similar features to buttercup and is very low maintenance. This perennial is a carnivorous plant that is tolerant to droughts and has a long blooming season. Yellow Butterworts thrive in Alabama due to our warmer winters giving them the potential to remain bloomed. Although it typically doesn’t stay abloom in the winter, the bright pale green leaves add nice greenery to your winter garden.

5. Golden Groundsel

If you have a spot in your lawn that needs to be filled, Golden Groundsel is a great choice. This perennial grows easily and colonizes quickly, making it great ground cover year round. Golden Groundsels bloom gorgeous golden-yellow flowers in the winter for some color during a withering season. Because Golden Groundsel colonizes fast, it is recommended to plant in a place where you want extra coverage or some color in a heavily forested area. Planting in a garden close to your house may require more maintenance and trimming down.

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