There are many reasons why you should keep your backyard in good shape. Maintaining a healthy lawn helps the environment in many ways. It also helps promote healthy growth for your lawn, clean the air, and improve your soil. Keeping your lawn healthy actually benefits you as well. Who doesn’t want to be breathing in cleaner air? These methods will help ensure your lawn is healthy and fruitful.

1. Hire a Lawn Service Provider

Lawn service providers, such as Eagle Lawns, can help you to know what you need for your lawn. Lawn services provide maintenance and relieve stress for you. A professional lawn service specializes in knowing how to keep up with lawns in the best and most efficient ways possible. Lawn service providers aim to make sure your lawn is in the best shape it can possibly be in. Eagle Lawns provides services such as mowing, property clean-ups, landscaping, and services in drainage systems and irrigation systems.

2. Use Sprinklers

Irrigation systems for your lawn such as sprinklers reduce fungus, weeds, and plant diseases in your backyard. Sprinklers can also target specific areas in your yard that may need more maintenance than others. Irrigation systems will save time that you would otherwise spend watering your lawn to keep up with it. It also will help to preserve valuable nutrients in your soil, since the amount of water being sprinkled onto your lawn can be timed to do so. An irrigation system can provide just enough water to help your soil thrive and it will help to ensure you are giving your backyard good quality lawn care. There are also many ways to enhance your sprinkler systems and routines for them that can benefit your lawn. Eagle Lawns provides sprinkler systems that are of the best quality. We also provide quick repairs if necessary, and aim to help your grass, soil, and plants prosper.

3. Be Consistent With Mowing

Mowing your lawn requires knowledge of how often you need to mow it, how short you should cut the grass, and how to cut your grass correctly and efficiently with your lawn mower. The best way to mow your lawn is by starting from the outside of your lawn and continuing into the middle. This is also called the “spiral” because you’ll spiral to the center of your lawn. Another common method is by going back and forth to each side of your lawn, mowing in long stripes. Eagle Lawns can provide you with mowing services that include regular scheduled mowing visits. We also will edge your lawn along all concrete edges and provide line trimming. Knowing the right lawn care for your type of grass can also help to ensure you mow your lawn correctly and often enough.

4. Install Drainage Systems

Drainage systems are used to get rid of any excess water and to redirect the water so that your house does not flood. This prevents water from building up too much and can be really beneficial for your lawn, along with your home. Having a drainage system will prevent potential problems of excess wastewater and help keep your water system moving in the right direction. Rain can be common in the Auburn and Opelika areas, and fortunately, Eagle Lawns provides drainage systems to meet your needs. These systems will help you to avoid puddles of water or gutter downspouts that could potentially cause problems. These systems will ensure you dodge the damage of flooding and do what you can to protect your home and lawn.

How Eagle Lawns Can Assist You!

Here at Eagle Lawns, we run on integrity and attentiveness to detail. We take pride in our high-quality lawn care service and excellent customer care. We are a local lawn care service that is here to help your lawn be the best it can be. We’re here to tend to your needs, whether that be at individual residential homes, commercial properties, or neighborhoods. We value our preciseness, reliability, and consistency. For more information, contact us!

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