One of the most fun and popular Easter traditions is easter egg hunts. Easter egg hunts are a great activity for young kids but it is important that your lawn is safe for this joyous event. Make sure your yard is ready for your guests with these small steps to help guide you. These tips for prepping your lawn will ensure your Easter egg hunt is the best on the block.

Prepare Your Yard for the Hunt

It may be time to pull out the weeds or mow the lawn if you’re planning on having people over for an Easter egg hunt. There are many ways to keep your lawn healthy, whether that be through being consistent in mowing your lawn, using sprinklers, or utilizing draining systems. If you want to make sure your yard is looking its best for your visitors, it may be a good idea to prepare your yard for the hunt.

Eagle Lawns offers the best services in lawn care and landscaping. We can brighten up your land and make your grass look vibrant and luscious for your little egg hunters. We will make sure your yard is in pristine shape for more than just Easter egg hunts, we keep your lawn happy and healthy year-round.

Take Note of How Many Easter Eggs You Hide

It may be helpful to keep count of the amount of Easter eggs you hide. It will be good to know whether or not you still have some left in the yard. It can also help to keep track of where you hide the eggs. This can prevent you from leaving eggshells and candy in your yard that could ruin your lawn or a lawn mower the next time you mow.

Make Boundaries

Just like a game of hide and seek, you can review the boundaries for the Easter egg hunt with the participants. Make rules for the game to help the kids out with finding the eggs, but also with safety precautions. Creating boundaries can ensure kids stay away from specific areas of your landscaping that you want to keep in shape. This strategy will also help you keep track of the eggs you hide so you can be sure to pick them all up before your next lawn mowing.

Eagle Lawns Is Here to Help!

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